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Prof. M. N. PATIL

Co-Ordinator (Acad. & Gen. Admi.),

P.S.G.V.P. Mandal, Shahada

Challenges and Opportunities are two sides of the same coin. Modern education, curriculum development and teaching methodologies have to keep pace with the demand of the economic environment. The manager, businessman and the entrepreneur of today needs many more weapons in armory. Holistic education should include all round development of a student.

Overall development of the individual is the goal of education and we all have to ensure that there is no stone left un-turned to equip the student of today for the challenges of life. This will require tremendous self-motivation on the part of all concerned but will be fulfilling for the student as well as the faculty.

The faculty at the College has always been a trend setter but what has also been noteworthy is the excellent support and commitment of the non-teaching staff. I wish to congratulate the entire faculty and other staff for encouraging and guiding the students in all facets, for their well-rounded development.