P.S.G.V.P.Mandal Governance

Governing Council of the Poojya Sane Guruji Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Shahada is the apex body of the college. The management and affairs of the association shall be administered, controlled and supervised by the Governing Council through the Hon. Coordinator (Academics and General Admin.) of the Mandal.

Administration of the College

P. S. G. V. P. M’s College of Pharmacy was established by Poojya Sane Guruji Vidya Prasarak Mandal in the year 1994. The administration of the college is as follows:

College Development Committee:

The College Development Committee (CDC) was through Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016 to monitor the entire academic and administrative functioning of the college

Internal Quality Assurance Committee

  • Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) in the college is responsible for planning, guiding and monitoring quality assurance and quality enhancement in the academic activities of the college.

  • IQAC plays a catalytic role in the overall quality initiatives and general administration of the college.

  • IQAC has been constituted and functions as per the guidelines of the UGC, NAAC and State Government/University.


  • The Principal of the college is the head of the institution and always caters to offer essential direction to the system. The Principal controls and directs the activities of the college and its staff and has responsibility through the different committees for the efficient and proper management and administration of the college. He is the Link between the Management and the College.

  • The Principal ensures that the values and relevant strategic plans are reflected in the mission, vision and quality assurance system of the College. The Principal of the College performs an important role by imparting smooth functioning of Administrative and academic activities. For smooth functioning of administrative, co- curricular and extracurricular activities, he forms different committees and appoints a chairman and members from the staff. The committees coordinate and execute the activities assigned to them and report to the Principal.

  • The Principal coordinates with the external agencies like the University, PCI, AICTE and other government bodies to comply necessary regulations. His safe-guards the interests of teachers/non-teaching staff members and the management.

  • He also performs any other work relating to the College as may be assigned to him by the Management from time to time.


The Registrar has following responsibilities:

  1. Coordination of administrative work in office; Student admission, registration, examinations, students’ records.

  2. Records (Schemes of Work etc.) Human Resource Records.

  3. Student affairs and discipline.

  4. Management of the administrative staff within the college.

  5. All the administrative staff such as office superintendent, head clerk, senior clerks, junior clerks, etc. work under the supervision of the Registrar and complete their tasks.

Office Superintendent

The OS is responsible for checking all accounts, maintenance of records, duties related to admission procedures and Correspondence relating to the administration of the College. Administrative Staff Administrative Staff comprises of Head clerk, senior clerk, junior clerks and manual staff who works under the guidance of the office superintendent and the Registrar.

Head of the Departments

The Heads of the departments act as front runners of their departments. They monitor activities of the departments and report directly to the Principal

  1. They are responsible for the overall management of the department(s).

  2. Manage the day-to-day functioning of the department

  3. Propose and administer the development of new courses/programs, add on courses etc.

  4. Coordinate the academic and administrative staff within the department.

  5. Coordinate the examination schedule.

  6. To ensure the effectively curriculum delivery and enhancement of standards and quality.


The College Librarian ensures the monitoring of the following functions of the college Library.

  1. Helping students and the staff to locate the information that they need.

  2. Monitoring the Book Bank Scheme.

  3. Organizing various quality related workshops to train and educate the students on the effective use of online resources.